Zari Defends Her Toy Boy, Shakib After Attack From Nosy Fan

July 26, 2022
Zari and Shakib

Zari and Shakib

Zari has leapt to her toy boy’s defence, Shakib Cham after a nosy fan questioned what she saw in a young Kawempe smart wire.

After dumping a showy Ugandan-based in South Africa, GK Choppa, the 41-year-old jumped onto Shakib who is rumoured to be 19 years old.

They were first spotted at La Paroni’s but netizens though he was just a fan who wanted to take a photo with the Bosslady.

Zari with Shakib at La Paroni

Few days later, the pair posted photos while at the airport sparking off the talk all over East and South Africa. Zari received a lot of criticism for changing men like clothes before she was branded ‘Mulya Buto’.

However, the Bosslady defended herself and told off nosy netizens that it’s all about what her heart wants. She also reminded reminding netizens that she is free to do whatever she wants because life is too short before revealing that Shakib is 30 years and old enough to eat the sweetest food on planet earth.

Zari with Shakib

Still nosy fans are not satisfied with her choice. In her latest Instagram post, Zari maintained that she’s not going to bow down to society standards and no one would change her mind about loving the fella she’s currently dating.

One of her fans asked, “what do you see in this man?”.

Zari wrote back;

Damn, the audacity… Guess what, I also don’t know what you see in your partner either. And if you missed the point, that’s the point. You are not supposed to see what I see. Adios!

She continued to show indemnity via her IG live with rhetorics on what fans think;

I’m not going by the rules where society is setting standards, where we’re supposed to love people of certain calibers. Why do you think this person does not have a life? Is it because he’s not flashy? Is it because he’s not one of those boys who are all over social media trying to prove a point?


From her sentiments, it’s needless to say the mother of five will not be leaving her toy boys behind anytime soon.

She has made enough money, raised her kids and all she needs is enjoying life without pressure from men who demand respect.

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