Zari, Bad Black Bitterly Attack Ritah Kaggwa After Jetting In

August 4, 2022
L-R: Zari, Ritah Kaggwa and Bad Black

L-R: Zari, Ritah Kaggwa and Bad Black

Ex-con, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black and Zari bitterly attacked their nemesis, Ritah Kaggwa on her return to Uganda.

Ritah Kaggwa who last came to Uganda in 2017, jetted in Uganda yesterday and was welcomed by fellow bloggers at Entebbe International Airport.

After learning about Ritah’s arrival, the Masolo Queen took to her socials, posted a photo of Ritah Kaggwa and taunted her with a caption, “Naye bamikwano mukama talibasonyiwa kale. 20yrs in UK and you still look like this Zombie?

South Africa-based socialite, Zari Hassan also chipped in with jibe, branding the UK-based blogger ‘Namamonde’ who has been bashing her over the years.

Bad Black (L) chatting with Zari (M)

When I said no hater can be doing better than you salimba. Laba namamonde keyboards have given a lot of betu to this elephant, ndowoza olaba Iwaki kili bitter. The photo speaks for itself, all answers are there. Praying for her soul to heal from bile


It should be noted that Bad Black and Ritah Kaggwa used to be tight friends until the pair started accusing each other of leaking personal secrets.

Ritah Kaggwa and her nemesis, Bad Black have been bickering for a longtime. The Masolo Queen bashed Ritah of sleeping in free government accommodation in the UK and at one time, she claimed that the motor-mouthed blogger, husband and her mother in-law sleeps in one bed.

Bad Black said Ritah’s kids will never talk and walk. She also insisted that Donna Nantongo will never produce until they apologise to her.

The pair are always at logger heads. When Bad Black was evicted from rental in Butabika over arrears in July, 2021 Ritah exposed her.

The Masolo Queen hit back and told Rita that she will never be better than her.

Ritah Kaggwa and Nigerian hubby, Joseph Oshunkoya

We have been reliably informed that Ritah Kaggwa is in the country to prepare for the visitation of her Nigerian Husband, Joseph Oshunkoya.

Joseph Oshunkoya will be visiting Ritah Kaggwa’s parents officially.

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