Zahara Totto’s Ex-Boo, Don Solo, Tina Fierce Trade Nasty Words In Snapchat War

October 18, 2020

Zahara Totto’s ex-boo, Tony Taban Suleman aka Don Solo and gossip queen, Tina Fierce are bashing themselves on Snapchat.

We haven’t established where the war started but from the look of things, Tina must have started the war since she is known for bashing and trolls.

In the screenshots, Don Solo labelled Tina Fierce ‘local’ and ‘ jealous small girl’ by sharing the pictures of how she dresses up.

he told her to learn to be happy for people.

As usual, Tina replied threatening Don Solo that he wouldn’t want to be her enemy.

But the gangster was not moved an inch and hammered the last nai in Tina’s coffin by telling her “I don’t fight with people who earn 50k per show”.