You Are Ugly, The Kids Are Not Yours – Prima Shocks Geosteady

July 31, 2021
Prima Kardashi with Geosteady

Prima Kardashi with Geosteady

The war between Hassan Kigozi aka Geosteady and ex-lover, Prima Kardashi seem to be starting!

In October last year, Prima Kardashi packed her belongings and left Geosteady in cold bed after ‘Ndi Wamululu’ singer told her he wanted space.

Since parting ways, the pair have embarked on getting new lovers; Prima Kardashi now bonked by Galaxy FM presenter, Mr Henry while Geosteady is swimming in Hindu Kay’s tight slippery pond.

Prima with new toy boy, Mr Henry

Despite having new lovers, Geosteady and Prima keep bickering, a sign that they are not over each other yet.

Yesterday, Geosteady took to his Facebook page and lashed at Maama Lusaniya saying that she told him that he is disrespectful, a bad guy, doesn’t support people and that he fights her businesses.

Geosteady with new bae, Hindu Kay

In a rant, Geosteady says Prima labelled him ugly and told him that the two baby girls do not belong to him.

Geosteady told Prima to leave him alone and enjoy life with her new Toy boy.

He says they have no strings attached and she will never see his ugly face again.

I left in peace never to talk about the person in you to the public left you to be the good one I’m out here seeking for green pastures but you ain’t settled about me yet. I’m a bad guy I’m disrespectful I don’t support people U say I fight your business I have no kids with you. We literally have no strings attached anymore never to see my text nor call nor my ugly face live. Focus on happiness with your guy just like I do with mine. Leave my name and I wish u could. Thanks

Geosteady screenshot