You Are Stupid: Susan MaKula Abuses Aunty Sue Over Irritating Questions Live on TV | VIDEO

January 10, 2022
Aunty Sue with Susan Makula

Aunty Sue with Susan Makula

Susan Makula Nantaba must be still frustrated by the ongoing illegal marriage case against her and new bae, pastor Aloysius Bubingo.

Makula apart from being the music director at Salt FM, she doubles as a co-host for ‘Junction’ – a program that tackles relationships and bedroom matters.

On the ‘Junction’ Makula normally co-hosts it with Susan Nalwoga aka Aunty Sue.

Aunty Sue

Aunty Sue, known for being talkative and irritating questions, this time around found herself on the receiving end after she annoyed Makula.

She asked Makula uncoordinated question, “How many men of substance in your life you say this one has added something on your life?”

Makula asked for clarification before putting her back in line with abuses. “You are like these stupid city critics who ask between your dad and husband, who do you love most?, you are stupid”.

This was uncalled for but from the observation, Makula must be frustrated as she and Bugingo are set to appear before Entebbe Chief Magistrate Court on January 21, 2022.

After Bugingo-Makula introduction ceremony that took place at Kawuku, Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District on December 7th, lawyers dragged the pair to court for contracting marriage yet the former is still legally married to Teddy Naluswa.

Bugingo and Susan Makula at their introduction ceremony

They were charged with three counts;

  1. Contracting marriage by Customary Law when already married under the Marriage Act Cap 521 contrary to Section 50 of the Marriage Act, Cap 251.
  2. Marriage with a person previously married contrary to section 42 of the Marriage Act, Cap 251.
  3. Bigamy contrary to section 153 of the penal code act, Cap 120

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