Ykee Benda Separates With Baby Mama, Batenga Again

Ykee Benda with Julie Batenga

Ykee Benda with Julie Batenga

Ykee Benda, real name Wycliffe Tugume has parted ways with baby mama, Julie Batenga, months after persuading her to return to his bonking bed.

In January 2018 the Mpaka Records CEO separated with his fiancee, Julie Batenga after 9 months in relationship.

Ykee Benda had proposed and even visited Julie’s parents in Mukono but the singer’s failure to part ways with some of his friends, forced the baby mama to flee.

When the pair separated, Julie Batenga returned to her parents home in Kireka and took their baby boy, Dante Quain with her. In order to see Dante, Ykee Benda would go to Julie’s parents home which troubled him.

Ykee Benda and Julie Batenga with their baby boy, Dante Quain

According to Benda, he got tired of going to Julie’s mother to check on his son hence convincing her to return to his bonking bed in April last year but unfortunately the couple decided to call it quits again.

Speaking in an interview, Ykee confirmed he separated with Julie and said they will be co-parenting.

“I still have a lot to understand on my relationship with mama Dante, that’s all I can say as of now. I respect her because she is the mother of my child and I won’t turn her into a talking stock. I’m into other things,” Ykee said. 

Ykee Benda proposing to Julie Batenga

Since Julie returned to Ykee’s bed, the ‘Munakampala’ hitmaker has had a difficult time.

In November last year, while driving in the company of his two friends, Julie and Dante, Ykee was involved in nasty car accident in Lukuli, Makindye division.

In February this year, Ykee resigned as Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president after he was involved in nasty verbal exchange with fans on Twitter.

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