Ykee Benda Pockets 17m In 2 Days, Asks Museveni To Buy Album At 35m

Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda real name; Wycliffe Tugume is reaping big from newly released ‘Kirabo‘ Album and managed to pocket 17.5m from sales in two days.

The Mpaka Records CEO has been calculating his moves in the music industry; setting up audio recording studios, signing artistes among others.

As most artistes were crying to the government to rescue them with posho, Ykee Benda was busy putting final touches in ‘Kirabo’ Album. Upon its release, the album has been trending on social media with prominent personalities buying copies at Shs.35000 online.

Ykee Benda ‘Kirabo’ Album cover

In just two days, the ‘Munakampala’ singer boasted that he wrecked in 17.5m.

Ehhhhh thank you so much my people for using my album to buy my ‘Kirabo‘ Album, we’ve so far got 500 sales and that’s so big for a platform that you all didn’t know. I’m really humbled

Ykee Benda.

Meanwhile, Ykee reached out to president Museveni via Twitter and asked him to buy his ‘Kirabo’ Album at 35m. This was after the president advised the youth not not sit idle.

Ykee also called upon his fans and music lovers to push so that 1000 copies are sold.