Ykee Benda Free To Bonk After Recovering Stolen Studio Equipment

Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president and Mpaka records CEO, Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda is beaming with joy after recovering some of his equipment that was stolen from Mpaka Records studios.

A week ago, Ykee came back from the weekend only to find his studio equipment stolen. In order to recover the stolen items, he interrogated producer, Daryhits and a one, Sunday who reside at the studio premises.

Since then, together with the help of security operatives, they have been trying to locate the thief and finally they anded on him.

YKee Benda in Mpaka Records studios before it was swept clean

Among the stolen equipment, Ykee managed to recover an iMac computer intact with his music projects and Dre Cali’s untempered with.

Unfortunately, the culprit had already sold off speakers and microphones.

“Good mng my well wishers, Both bad and Good news: Good news; we have caught the thief with our iMac intact Bad news; This fool sold off the speakers and microphones; We thank God our work is intact both mine and Dres”, 

After the robbery, Ykee had closed the studios until further notice. With the recovery of some of the stolen items, he is expected to resume operations soon.

Mpaka Records apart from signing artistes, they produce audio and visual.