Xavi pissed off with Barcelona ‘s reality as they dropped to Europa League

December 9, 2021

Xavi Hernandez was far from pleased after Barcelona ‘s 3-0 defeat to Bayern Munich on Wednesday night.

Despite being underdogs for the match, the new coach could not accept his team’s performance and vowed that the result would be a turning point.

“We always want to dominate and subdue our opponent but it was the other way around,” he said after the game.

We have to demand more from ourselves. We are Barcelona. This has to be a turning point to change the dynamics and many other things.

“We did not compete. This is the Champions League.

“But this is our reality. It is the situation we are in. We face the situation with dignity. Today begins a new era and a new stage.

“I am leaving angry. This is our reality and it pisses me off. We have to face it. There is no other option. Today a new era begins.

“We started from scratch. Our goal is the Champions League, not the Europa League. You have to work hard. I don’t like the word failure. I don’t like it because we have tried.

“I love this club and I will work and put my life into it.”

He continued in determined fashion.

“I saw a very harsh reality that I had already lived as a player,” he said.

We can’t settle, we have to rebel. That’s the reality. We have to start putting Barcelona back where they deserve, which is not the Europa League. I hope for this.

“We need to compete better. Bayern are better. That’s the reality. But we will work hard so that this does not happen again and we will put our lives into it.

“It is a feeling of helplessness. We have to work very hard to get Barcelona back [to where they belong].”

From https://www.marca.com/en/