Winnie Nwagi Involved In Nasty Verbal Exchange With Cleaners

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi, Swangz Avenue songstress is lucky not to be nursing wounds after narrowly surviving cleaners at Forest Mall according to Sqoop.

It is said that over the weekend, Nwagi lost her cool when she went to the washrooms of a certain bar at Forest Mall and found them flooded.

In bid to ask the cleaners as to why the washrooms were flooded, they kept a deaf ear which angered Nwagi and started throwing insults at them.

The altercation reportedly took some minutes as other partygoers joined her to blame the cleaners for failing to do their job. She was later whisked away by her close friends to defuse the situation.

Winnie Nwagi

Nwagi has anger management problem, she has been involved in several battles.

On social media, she trashes trollers who cross the line to criticize her dress code.

In September 2019, Winnie Nwagi pounced on her maid, a one Scovia and pummeled her for leaving home without notice and moreover returning late. The fire dance singer was also infuriated by the fact that the maid had gone with her gym water bottle.

Scovia opened an assault case (file number: SD REF-20|25|09|2019) against the ‘Matala’ hitmaker at Kikaya police. Nwagi’s manager intervened and Scovia was compensated.

Winnie Nwagi

In July 2019, Winnie Nwagi insulted a journalist who asked her for an interview. She was approached by the Journalist who wanted a fashion interview and after the journalist introducing herself and going straight to the point, Nwagi only told her how she doesn’t know her and told her to F*** off.

In Oct 2018, she smashed a fan’s phone for filming her during her performance.

Despite her wanting behaviour, Nwagi is one of the best vocalists we have in the country. Since joining Swangz Avenue, Nwagi has been releasing hit songs year after year ranging from Katono Katono, Musawo, Matala, Janju, Kano Koze, Embeera, Yitayo, Fire Dancer and many more.

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