Winnie Nwagi Gives Advise To Babes Humiliating Men By Turning Down Proposals

February 20, 2023
Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi real name, Winnie Nakanwagi has come out and shared advise to babes who are humiliating men by turning down proposals.

Of late, videos are trending with ladies publicly walking off from men who propose to them in public, leaving them in tears and total humiliation.

According to Nwagi who has suffered with relationships since she parted ways with baby daddy, women will make men fear proposing because of their antics.

Winnie Nwagi

She advised women to pretend and accept then, privately explain to the guys than humiliating them in public.

Eh the way women are turning down proposals lately…muli baka mbatidde. Ok if you dont’t the guy like that .. at least you can pretend and say YES, then break it down for him after leaving the place..but that kind of embarrassment is not really mean actually. A guy out therewith low self esteem would never do it even if he loves his after all these videos going around..You gonna make these guys hate proposals mutusubya. Bambi poor souls personally i wouldn’t do that to someone who has put in such effort. I would rather play it cool, then we sort ourselves after.. in the most polite way possible.

Winnie Nwagi

Apart from baby daddy we never saw, Nwagi first publicly dated singer, Generale Zaabu formerly known as Joshua Czar’bu.

However, the pair violently parted ways in December 2017. In an interview, Nwagi disclosed that the breakup disorganised her life, sending her into depression.

Later, she dated another singer, Patrick Musasizi aka Chozen Blood after their collabo, Yitayo. As we speak, they are no more.

Winnie Nwagi in music:

Nwagi joined Swangz Avenue in 2014 after she was voted second runner up at the Coca Cola rated next 2014. With her killer vocal ability, she has established herself among the top 3 female artists in Uganda.

Year after year, Winnie Nwagi has been dropping hit songs; Musawo, Janju, Katono Katono, Magic, Matala, Kano Koze among many others.

Finally On September 9, Nwagi staged her maiden successful and sold out concert Cricket Oval, Lugogo.

Despite her music success, the Swangz Avenue songstress has been criticized for her her dress code and behaviour.

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