Willy Mukabya Denies Chewing Daxx Kartel’s Wife Momo 19 | AUDIO

Willy Mukabya, Daxx kartel and Momo 19

Willy Mukabya, Daxx kartel and Momo 19

Willy Mukabya has trashed Ssebunya Sulaiman alias Daxx Kartel’s allegations that he bonked his wife, Naluwooza Maureen aka Momo 19.

Daxx Kartel released a song titled ‘Enswa’ accusing Momo 19 of dishing out his goodies to men while away busy working. At first many thought Daxx was stinging South African-based Ugandan socialite, Medi Moore but the ‘Baala’ hitmaker meant Willy Mukabya.

However, the veteran Kadongo Kamu singer has come out to trash the allegations through a song and insisted he has never viewed Momo 19‘s eclipse.

Momo 19 and Kartel

While carefully listening to Willy Mukaabya’s song, stresses that the person Daxx Kartel likened to him wasn’t actually him as he went on to note how he is an expert when it comes to the game of hunting what he always wishes to chew.

He goes on to ask Daxx Kartel to exclude him from his allegations.

Listen to audio below:

Daxx Kartel and Momo 19 Journey:

Daxx started dating Momo 19, the former Karaoke dancer when she was still working for Star TV and Biliv TV as early as 2015.

Following six years of sweet bonk, Momo 19 introduce Daxx to her parents in a colourful ceremony that took place in September 2019 and moved in together.

This was followed by a wedding on December 20th last year at Kibuli Mosque.

In February this year word started making rounds that Daxx and Momo 19 had separated with the former accusing the latter of deliberately refusing to conceive and give him children.

It is also alleged that Daxx encroached on Momo 19’s best friend, Ashira chewed and ballooned her.

In May, Momo 19 ended the speculation and confirmed that she is now a free agent with a Facebook post “I’m single”.

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