Will He Manage? Biswanka Wants A Music Battle With A Pass

June 21, 2024

Controversial upcoming singer Biswanka has now transferred his disrespect to another singer A Pass.

He went to the media and revealed that he is far better than A Pass and he would want to battle with him musically if he is willing.

Biswanka has been singing for a year but he brags and attacks other musicians like he has been in the industry for much longer.

Previously he was attacking Bebe Cool calling him a faded artiste and saying that he is not supposed to talk to the media because he has nothing to tell them as he doesn’t have any music in circulation.

When Bebe Cool refused to respond to him, he looked for another plan which is attacking A Pass that normally doesn’t keep quiet. He responds to everyone that attacks him and his career.

Biswanka made a statement yesterday saying that he needs a battle but unfortunately A Pass hasn’t responded to him in anyway

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“I would like to battle A Pass musically and I don’t know if he is going to accept. He knows I am so much better than him and at this moment we the young ones are the future,”

It should be noted that Biswanka doesn’t have so much to offer to the music industry. He started his career while staying with Alien Skin.