Tanasha Donna Refuses To Accompany Her Baby To Visit Diamond Platnumz, Gives Reasons

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna

At the beginning of this month, Zari and her two kids; Tiffah and Nillan flew from South Africa to Tanzania to visit Diamond Platnumz and his family following two years apart.

Diamond received his kids with a lot of emotions and spent two good weeks with them bonding.

When they returned back to South Africa, Tiffah and Nillan demanded they wanted to see their dad, a sign they had a good time.

Tiffah even refused to sleep that night since she had become used to sharing the bed with her dad.

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In February this year, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz ended their relationship after two years of trying.

She relocated back to Kenya with her son, Nasseb Junior but since then the kid has never seen her dad.

Tanasha Donna with Naseeb Junior
Tanasha Donna with Naseeb Junior

While on Radio Maisha, Tanasha was asked whether she will also take her son to Tanzania to visit Diamond and his family.

She responded that she can’t go back there but instead she will give Naseeb Junior to the nanny to accompany him.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond with a young Naseeb junior
Tanasha Donna and Diamond with a young Naseeb Junior

“I am not going back there, may be i will give my nanny the baby and they will go together but as for me I am very busy with other things in Kenya”, Tanasha told Radio Maisha.

After being discharged from hospital earlier this week, Diamond Platnumz’ mum, Sandra Sanura Kassim has been posting Naseeb Junior on her Insta stories, a sign that she misses her grandson.