Why NBS TV Switched Anna Talia Oze From ‘UnCut’ Show

November 14, 2021
Anna Talia Oze

Anna Talia Oze

On October 19, 2021, UCC ordered all television gossip shows to start airing between 10pm and 5am following complaints from the public.

This forced tevelevision stations to start rescheduling their shows in order to fit their gossip shows.

NBS TV first put UnCut show off air and returned on October 26th but this time around, Anna Talia Oze was ditched in favour of Kayz and Zahara Totto.

She was switched to ‘Ebissanyusa mu Massengejje’, a segment that airs during ‘Amassengejje’ Luganda news. She co-hosts this segment alongside Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats.

Anna Talia Oze
Anna Talia Oze

An insider intimated to us that NBS TV found it very hard to switch an experienced Anna Talia from ‘UnCut’ show but had nothing to do.

She could not work late at night due to her marital obligations.

She is a married woman, so she couldn’t work late at night. You know Uncut airs late on Sanyuka TV so she requested to be rescheduled

An insider

Zahara Totto and Anna Talia Oze made a shock move from Spark TV where they were hosting a gossip show, ‘Live Wire’ and joined NBS TV in October 2018.

Anna Talia Oze, Zahara totto with Joel Kigozi after joining NBS TV in 2018
Anna Talia Oze, Zahara totto with Joel Kigozi after joining NBS TV in 2018

They popularized gossip on television which forced other stations to borrow the leaf.

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