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WHOEVER STARTED IT, WILL REGRET! Furious Museveni Warns Bobi Wine Protesters, Vows To Crash Them

posted on : 11/19/2020


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has for the first time commented on the protests that erupted following the arrest of National Unity Platform presidential aspirant, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine was arrested in Luuka yesterday for flouting Covid-19 guidelines and detained at Nalufenya police station in Jinja, sparking protests in Kampala and later spread to several parts of the country, especially in town centres.

A number of people have been killed and injured as protests entered day two.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine being arrested yesterday
Speaking to NRM leaders in Kotido on Thursday afternoon, Museveni said government will not tolerate the hooliganism exhibited by the protesters, warning they will be crashed.

“They have entered an area of fighting we know very well. Whoever started it will regret it. Some of these groups are being used by outsiders who don’t like the stability and independence of Uganda but will discover what they are looking for,” Museveni warned.

During protests, several people donning the yellow colours were beaten and undressed by protesters. Security personnel were also targeted.

Speaking today, the NRM presidential candidate warned that they will soon make it difficult for anyone to Touch NRM members.

“Those who have been attacking NRM people in Kampala will soon lose that appetite. You will see the uniform of NRM and won’t touch it. Even if they abandon it, you won’t touch it. They want to create violence so that elections are not held, however, elections will continue and those fighting will lose. They will answer for the crimes they have committed.”

President going through military drills

The President said the guidelines were put in place for the benefit of members of the public not to contract the virus but warned it is foolishness for some people to ignore them.

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“We are here in this campaigning indirectly where we don’t hold rallies for the sake of avoiding infecting more people. We have lost quite a number of people already including two Members of Parliament and some scientists. It is therefore criminal for anybody to ignore this. We are not going to tolerate that and whoever does it(violates guidelines) will regret what they did,” Museveni warned.

The Wednesday events saw a total of seven people including security personnel killed.

“We had seven people who lost their lives out of the violent fracas. About 45 people got injuries, including an LDU whose head was smashed,” the police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson said.

The police mouthpiece however blamed the National Unity Platform for failure to control the demonstrators; most of whom he said were supporters of the party.

The latest statement by the President, who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces is a pointer of the force that government is set to deploy to enforce guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the Electoral Commission in regards to campaign meetings and the number of people to attend.

The President’s statement is also an indicator of the force that government is set to use to crack down on protesters in various parts of the country but also violators of the guidelines.