Who Is Interested In Him? Coco Finger Single And Searching

June 28, 2024

Famous singer Coco Finger has revealed that he is a single man and is searching for a woman to settle down with.

He said that it would be very great to have a woman by his side to look after him and help him out in so many things.

Coco Finger is a father and has been involved with different women. He was however never officially married to any of the men.

According to the singer, being single is hard and at the moment he would want to atleast have company.

As an artiste he works late nights and he would want someone to be near him and welcome him from work everyday.

“At the moment, I am single and have no wife. I receive no support from anyone,” – Coco Finger

It should be noted that the singer keeps his children and their mothers out of the media.