Weasel Manizo Causes Chaos, Dump Kids At Sandra Teta’s Work Place | PHOTOS

July 29, 2022
Weasel Manizo and Sandra Teta

Weasel Manizo and Sandra Teta

There was drama yesterday after Good Lyfe Crew singer, Douglas Seguya Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo dropped kids at Nomads Bar on Ggaba Road where his bae, Sandra Teta works.

Weasel dumped another baby mama, Talia Kassim Katorogo and started dating Teta in 2019. They have since produced two children.

When the late Mowzey Radio died, Weasel Manizo became less active in recording music and he is not making money like he used to do.

He started getting problems with Sandra Teta at home.

Last week it is alleged that he beat her up to the extent that she lost consciousness. Again yesterday, Weasel thumped her.

Sandra Teta with Weasel Manizo

The reason Weasel gives is that Sandra comes home late from Nomads Bar where she hosts theme nights.

Teta says Weasel no longer gives her anything and doesn’t even fully take care of home needs.

The Badman Killa says he is broke and doesn’t have money.

So Teta decided to support her kids and the only opportunity at her disposal is hosting bar theme nights.

But every time she gets back home, she finds Weasel drunk, intoxicated and angry like a lion and beats her to a pulp.

Yesterday morning Weasel got their two kids, took them to Nomads bar and dumped them at the gate so that Teta can take care of them.

Weasel with kids at Nomads Bar
Weasel left kids at Nomads Bar

After a picture of Teta with swollen face leaked online, she took to Snapchat and made claims that goons attacked her on the way from work and robbed 1.3m.

However, a concerned workmate at Nomads Bar spilled beans and confirmed that Teta was thumped by weasel and made claims that she was forced to deny the beatings on social media.

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