Was He Involved? Zex Bilangilangi Speaks About Alleged Accident

July 1, 2024

Singer Zex Bilangilangi has spoken about alleged accident that people say almost claimed his life.

He said he isn’t the person that was involved in an accident and doesn’t personally know the people that involved who were thought it was him and his groups.

The accident happened yesterday evening and there weee people that captured the photos and videos.

They were people that were from a football match, and some of those that got an accident are said that they couldn’t speak and that is why they were mistaken in their identity.

According to Zex Bilangilangi, he appreciates people that checked on him after they thought that he was in an accident. He said he is sound and safe and he is praying for those involved to get better.

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“I am not the person involved on the car accident Luke they were saying yesterday. I am very okay and I want to thank my people for checking on me. I am praying for those that are involved to heal quickly and get bs k to their daily routine,”

It should be noted that different artistes are doing their best to keep their lives in the best way they can. To avoid dojng things that can take their lives any time.