Vicent Katongole Spills Dirty Secrets On Why he Divorced Pastor Irene Manjeri | VIDEO

October 14, 2021
Pastor Irene Manjeri and ex-hubby, Dr. Vicent Katongole

Pastor Irene Manjeri and ex-hubby, Dr. Vicent Katongole

Last week, an audio of Pastor Irene Manjeri Kantongole of Bethel Healing Centre Church accusing her husband Dr. Vincent Kantongole trying to kill her vent viral.

Pastor Irene Manjeri was so bitter as he accused the hubby of wasting her time, yet she found him with nothing and elevated him to where he is right now.

She also revealed that Vincent Kantongole is planning to marry another woman and has already impregnated other side babes.

Today, Dr. Vincent Kantongole shared his side of the story and spilled dirty secrets that forced him to file for divorce from the pastor.

In a video, Dr. Vincent Kantongole told Bishop Nathan Ibrahim Kirama that he filed for divorce in 2002 and officially parted ways with Pastor Manjeri in 2003.

Dr. Vincent Kantongole (L) with Bishop Nathan Ibrahim Kirama

Katongole revealed that they tried re-uniting the Alabama, US but after staying together for some months, relationship failed and decided to move on.

Katongole said that Pastor Manjeri people see on the pulpit is totally different from the one he used to stay with at home. Manjeri instructed the gateman not to allow Katongole enter after 8pm.

He says he slept outside the gate more than six times. He also revealed that he was locked outside the bedroom over 14 times.

Katongole says he reached a point and felt he could not go on with the relationship. 8pm curfew made his life hell because he had to manage his businesses; schools, real estate, farm and radio programs.

Pastor Irene Manjeri (L) conducting prayers

He revealed that Manjeri used to threaten him. Every time they got a misunderstanding, she would threaten him with former IGP Kale kayihura and State House. Sometimes she would rush to her secret room where he suspects that she hid the gun.

Katongole says that before meeting Manjeri, he had his houses in Kisasi and Bukoto but decided to move in with Majeri in her Entebbe home.

When marriage broke down, he left manjeri’s house and moved back to his home.


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