Vanessa Vanny Is NEKO – Jealous Slay Queens In India Exposes Lwasa’s Ex | AUDIO

December 31, 2022
Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Jealous slay queens in India have exposed Lwasa’s Ex – Vanessa Vanny that is doing NEKO business in India, months after she disappointed Masaka tycoon on introduction day.

On October 2, Lwasa suffered a humiliation of his life after Vanessa called off the introduction ceremony on the D-Day. Lwasa, friends and relatives had suited up and ready to go, only his Best Man to received a phone call from Vanessa telling him that the function was cancelled.

Lwasa and Vanessa Vanny

Lwasa revealed that he gave Vanessa 30m to buy items but pocked it. In bid to avoid humiliation, he bought items only to be disappointed.

In retaliation, Lwasa confiscated a Harrier Kawundo he had gifted her.

Since the pair parted ways, Vanessa went AWOL and finally it has been revealed that she is in India camping at Lucky’s place doing NEKO business.

Fellow Ugandans who are in India doing the same business, shared audios and confirmed that Vanessa Vanny is indeed in Chillies land.

Vanessa’s friend Lucky, too confirmed that beautiful babe is in India and revealed that Lwasa still sends her money.

This is not a shocker to those who know Vanessa. Lwasa himself revealed that she would sleep the whole day and leave the house at night combing bar after bar.

Before meeting Lwasa, she left baby daddy, Ziza Bafana after the ‘Katonda Wa Ragga’ nabbed her with his dancer.

Ziza Bafana

After jumping out of Bafana’s home, she dated John Blaq only to leave his heart into pieces. During Covid hard times, she moved in with a guy from Kabowa and left him with empty pockets.

Who is Vanessa Vanny?

According to YouTuber, Ali Farouk of ‘Embozi Mu Kati’, he says Vanessa Vanny is about 35 years old. Farouk new her from Masaka where he was schooling. He says Vanessa never went to school, she had a group of girls who were combing Masaka town.

She started her hustle in Masaka as a Karaoke dancer. Blessed with beauty, Farouk says Vanessa left Masaka up and down before fleeing to Kampala.

Vanessa Vanny

Meeting Ziza Bafana and why he dumped her?

In an interview, Vanessa Vanny revealed that she met Ziza Bafana in Bakuli, a Kampala suburb and asked her to feature in his video of the song he sang with Eddy Kenzo and David Lutalo.

After the video shoot, Bafana asked her out and started dating. They have a 9-year boy together.

Almost after 7 years of cohabiting, Ziza Bafana and Vanessa parted ways.

According to Vanessa, her family forced her to dump Bafana because they never wanted her to date a singer.

However, Davicom, a YouTuber of ‘Embozi Mu Kati’ who is always in artists circles, he revealed that Bafana nabbed her with his dancer and kicked her out like a chicken thief.

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