Unruly Couple Caught Eating Themselves in Church, Thumped To Pulp | VIDEO

October 29, 2021
Man caught in church

Man caught in church

Covid 19 boredom is getting into people’s minds and some have lost respect for the house God to the extend of chewing themselves at the pulpit.

When most African states announced lockdown, banned public gatherings due to the pandemic, churches closed and SMAU members who don’t want to invest in eateries took advantage.

Today a video from one of West African countries leaked online showing unruly couple who were caught chewing themselves behind the pulpit.


A by-passer peeped through the curtain and saw the pair busy, he called a lady, rushed inside the church and nabbed the disrespectful couple eating themselves into pieces.

The angry man started thumping the disrespectful man into pulp as the lady tried to run away.

Though the language is foreign, seems the by-passers knew the culplits and can heard calling their names while punishing them.

As routineblast we condemn this act and call on SMAU members to go to the bush at least.