Unruly Chaps Dethrone Kisoro Couple With Hot Roadside Shaft | VIDEO

November 9, 2021


Last week, Ugandans were treated with a free movie after Hafashimana Paskari and Muhawenimana Colodine Mukamulenzi decided to eat themselves on the roadside in Kisoro.

The Territorial police swung into action and arrested the pair for being a public nuisance.

It was later revealed that Colodine was paying Paskari for his bicycle transport service which had accumulated to Shs.5k.

This made Kisoro trend on social media for almost a week since the district was less talked about.

With Kisoro clip losing the grip, another free roadside show has leaked online and this time from one of West African Countries.

Two unruly chaps can be seen chased by a concerned resident as they attempted to munch themselves out side his perimeter fence.


Same as Kisoro story, onlookers can be heard cheering on and recording as the chaps relocated to finish the business.