Unmasking The Side Bae Harmonize Allegedly Impregnated | PICTURES

December 8, 2020


Singer Harmonize will not be ending his 2020 well; that is if the rumor’s circulating on social media are anything to go by.

Apparently he has a 0ne-year old daughter with a side chick; Shanteel who got pregnant right after their hook up; and after 9 months she finally had a daughter who looks like her daddy.

Harmonize with 1-year old baby

Harmonize who now admits to neglecting his daughter a few days ago went on to share a long post talking about his love for his child. As seen on the post, Konde boy went on to issue an apology to the mother of his child; not forgetting his Mzungu wife, Sarah Michelloti.

Harmonize and Sarah Michelloti

What surprises many is that the Mzungu lady who dumped Harmonize through her IG; claims that the Bongo singer has no seeds to produce a child. According to Sarah, doctors already confirmed that Harmonize has low chances of fathering a baby; meaning that Zulekha is not the singer’s daughter.

Anyway as the drama revolves around Harmonize, wife and baby Zulekha – the main star of the show Shanteel seems to have been forgotten – yet she is the mother. Anyway below are a few photos of the hot side chick that has left Mzungu wife divorcing Harmonize now that a baby is involved.

Not quite sure how true Harmonize’s side of the story is; but since Shanteel claims baby Zulekha was fathered by Harmonize… then Sarah needs to explain how the young man cannot father children.

Checkout her photos below: