Uganda Premier League Prize Money A BIG JOKE, Bottom Placed Team Bag 500k

May 24, 2022
Vipers SC are the 2021/2022 league champions

Vipers SC are the 2021/2022 league champions

Ugandan football lovers woke up in shock after learning that Uganda Premier League teams play for nothing the entire season.

Over the years, some players have been complaining that they are not being paid and we have had situations where some teams fail to show up on match days.

All this stem from lack of sponsors. Most team owners field teams to show financial might, others use teams for political endeavors and this explains why they don’t last in the league.

Since Nile Special pulled out as league sponsors in early 2000s, the league has struggled to live up to its standards and this explains why teams struggle to compete at the continent level.

Sustaining a team in the league, a lot of money is required; Training allowances, Salaries, Transporting teams a cross the country on match days, paying for hotels, some teams even pay for pitches where they train and host matches.

After seeing the prize money in the New Vision, these teams get after the entire season, any football lover should start supporting his/her team.

The League champions pocket 60m, second placed 20m and third best 9.6m. 60m cannot foot the bills of a team like Vipers SC a month.

This is sad when you compare our league to Tanzania’s. League champions in Tanzania earn Tshs.500m (Ugx785m).

Check prize money below: