UCC Bans Bukedde TV ‘Full Blast’ Show

October 4, 2021
Bukedde TV 'Full Bast' show

Bukedde TV 'Full Bast' show

Uganda Communications Commission has suspended Bukedde TV ‘Full Blast’ show following a fierce altercation between Pastor Martin Ssempa and Jeniffer Nakangubi aka Full Figure.

On Thursday, September 30th, 2021, Pastor Martin Ssempa and Full Figure almost traded punches after a disagreement live on the Full Blast show on Bukedde TV which prompted its host, Godfrey Seguya aka Kayibanda to end it prematurely.

Jeniffer Full Figure

The video went viral and attracted the attention from UCC which has suspended the show until further notice.

The statement issued by the Uganda Communications Commission said the show had “demeaning and abusive language” used by the guests; Pastor Martin Ssempa, Isma Lubega, and Jennipher Namutebi Nakangubi (a.k.a Full Figure).

Pastor Martin Ssempa

It further notes that the producer or presenter of the program did not provide professional control or guidance to the guests during the program, which resulted into a physical confrontation between some of the guests.

The host or presenter of the program, Mr. Godfrey Sseguya, failed to exercise the required professionalism and ability to control or guide the guests during the program, which resulted into a physical confrontation between Pastor Ssempa and Ms. Jennipher Namutebi Nakangubi.


Watch video below:


The host is also said to have fallen below the professional standards and ethics expected of journalists as required under the Press and Journalist Act Cap 105.

UCC adds, “the host, producer and Bukedde TV 2 exhibited gross unprofessionalism when they failed to control and guide the guests to the extent of letting the program degenerate into abusive verbal exchanges and physical altercations.”

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