‘Tired’ Zari Threatens To Cut Off Sturbbon Son’s Head

July 17, 2020

Zari Hassan has been having a tough time with her 3 year old son who does not understand why he has to be locked in; when all along he had been enjoying the outside and most of all, the company of his friends.

A few days ago Zari revealed how Nillan cut her expensive white couch using a knife; and being a toddler, the only punishment he might have received is some time off and probably no electronic gadgets for a few days.

However on Wednesday, 15 July Nillan happened to pull a similar stunt; but this time around he demolished his mum’s package; leaving her feeling like she could cut off the small boy’s head.

“My Babor packages arrived and this is what happened they better open flights so i can ship you off. I’m done, I’m tired, I’m about to cut this kid’s head off. This kid tryna send me t jail. SMH”

Having been used to taking trips and Vacations every now and then; Nillan is now stuck at home due to the pandemic and has now resulted to destroying everything he can get his hands on.

Explaining the new milestone giving her stress, Zari has promised to get the baby boy back to Pre school now that schools are about to reopen in South Africa.

Zari and Diamond with Prince Nillan

“He is stressed being in the house. Same environment, same people, he is not really interacting with other kids of his age. I was a bit reluctant to take him back to school. The fact that preschool is open now, I will definitely get him back. He is distressed, hence his behaviour”