The Kyaliwajala Alleged Haunted Truck Finally Removed

June 22, 2024

There is a tale in town that has been making round both in the main stream media and social media for years now.

It is about the long truck that was parked along Kyaliwajala – Namugongo road that is said to be haunted and has been speaking for some time.

People who live along that road said the truck couldn’t let anyone remove it because the local people have tried so many times and have totally failed.

Today UNRA went their with their engineers to make sure that the truck is removed and people can start using the road without any obstruction.

This long truck is finally being removed.  It acted stubborn they have removed the head, the behind part still refusing.

Some of the local people said the owner parked it their and no one else could get it from where it is to a nice parking where it should be.