The Family Was Told Exactly What Led To Mowzey Radio’s Death But Kept Quiet – John Miles | VIDEO

RIP: Mowzey Radio

February 1st, 2021 marked three years since the late Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio died.

Radio died aged 33 on February 1st, 2018 at Case Hospital following a fight at De Bar, a popular hangout spot in Entebbe. He was buried on February 3 at Kaga, Nakawuka in Wakiso district.

According to John Miles, an elder brother to Peter Miles and Mowzey Radio’s confidant, he says the singer’s family knew exactly what happened to the late but still doesn’t understand why they decided to keep quiet.

John Miles who was working on ‘Angel Music’ project with Mowzey Radio and was so close to the late, revealed to Kasuku in an interview that the ‘Nera’ hitmaker was hit with a sharp object on the head, dismissing a story that he was lifted and hit on the ground.

Miles says he was supposed to meet Radio on that day he he involved in an incident but was told he had gone to Entebbe. He contacted him and drove to Entebbe but after reaching where they were supposed to meet, he called and Mowzey wasn’t picking up.

Mowzey Radio’s burial

After hours of waiting for him in vain, he received a call that Mowzey had been beaten and was at Emmanuel hospital.

He drove there but found the place rowdy. He managed to squeeze through and reached where where Mowzey radio was lying but he tried to ask what had happened but couldn’t hear what he was saying.

As he tried to come to terms with what had happened, he saw water on where the late was lying on bed. To turn him, he saw a big cut on his head.

He asked the nurse whether they had a brain specialist and she admitted they did not have.

As they tried to take him to Nsambya Hospital, Mowzey Radio rose from the bed and sat. Jones says he tried asking him what happened but producer, Washington slapped him and told him to leave him alone.

Mowzey Radio tried to walk but wasn’t steady. They convinced him to accept and go to Nsambya.

Miles revealed that after entering the ambulance, Washington blocked him from moving with him.

Jones says Mowzey Radio died in the ambulance on that same day as they prepared to take him to Nsambya Hospital. He says he took pictures and late had passed on.

Jones disclosed that some military guys told him exactly the whole story and they also met Mowzey Radio’s family and told them what exactly happened to the late.

He says he is angry that the family decided to keep the truth to themselves leaving Ugandans in the dark.

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