Tanzanian Socialite, Poshy Queen Alleged Pregnant With Diamond Platnumz’ 5th Child

June 24, 2020
Viral allegations from Tanzania are saying that Diamond Platnumz is expecting another baby.
Diamond is well known for his music not only in East Africa but the whole of Africa. He is also known to have sired four children with three different ladies from around East Africa; Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, Tanzanian actress Hamisa Mobetto and media personality Tanasha Donna from Kenya.
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Rumor has it that, he might be the proud father of a fifth child bearing his name. This comes after Jacqueline Obed popularly known as Poshy Queen turned out pregnant and the pregnancy traced back to Diamond, according to videos that have been making rounds on the internet lately.
Word on streets says that she is about 4 months expectant and Diamond is the man to take responsibility. If the current allegations turn out to be true, then Diamond will have four baby mamas under his name.
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Diamond Platnumz’s family has distanced themselves from the pregnancy allegations that have been making rounds on social media since early this week.
Poshy Queen has for years been a close friend to Diamond Platnumz. She is among key friends who have been attending Diamond Platnumz’s functions and parties. She was among the guests who attended Diamond’s mother, Sandra Kassim Dangote’s birthday last year.
Poshy Queen attended Diamond’s mother, Sandra Kassim Dangote’s birthday last year.
Some time back, Poshy Queen was rumored to be Diamond Platnumz’s side chic (woman), allegations that Diamond denied.
Even so, it is not the first time for him to deny such scandals, and later change his mind. He started with Hamisa Mobetto and denied being responsible for her pregnancy. After giving birth, Diamond accepted to have sired a child with her.
Poshy Queen


With Poshy Queen in the equation, only time will tell if the singer is behind the alleged pregnancy.
On the other hand, some ladies have been faking pregnancies and linking them to Diamond Platnumz so as to gain attention, also known as ‘kiki’ in Tanzania.
However, the reason for seeking attention is unlikely because the lady is already famous in Tanzania. Diamond has not yet spoken over the allegations.