Tamale Mirundi Jr Dumps Jajja Don Zella, Introduces Young Bae To Parents | PHOTOS

November 28, 2021
Tamale Mirundi Junior with new bae

Tamale Mirundi Junior with new bae

During the 2020 festive season, US-based Ugandan socialite, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella, cornered Tamale Mirundi junior and chewed him into pieces.

This left Mirundi Senior angry and seething hunting DonZella. He warned her to leave his boy alone but junior who had dived into the big well showed no signs of letting go until the slay Jajja left for the US.

This angered Mirundi senior who threatened to disown him until gossip king, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku intervened and re-united them. Mirundi Jr apologised to the dad.

Tamale Mirundi Junior with Don Zella

Recently, Junior bragged that he has three women, two in Uganda and another in the US.

But seems he has made a decision. During his dad and mum’s birthday celebrations, Junior introduced a young bae to his parents.

A joyful mum said that after seeing Junior cornered by serial-eater, Don Zella, she prayed to God to show him the right path and get a bae of his age.

Mirundi senior was not moved by Junior’s show and told his son that he will be happy after seeing the grand child.

Tamale Mirundi Junior’s bae (L) with a friend at birthday

We haven’t heard from Don Zella whether she is heartbroken but we believe she has a lot of young lads at her disposal to replace Junior.

Our snoops have already started digging deep to unearth all the intel about Tamale Murundi Junior’s new bae.

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