TAMALAKO! Shakilla Trashes Eric Omondi Bedminton Skills, Brands Him Weak

Shakilla and Eric Omondi

Shakilla and Eric Omondi

Kenyan socialite, Shakilla has trashed, Eric Omondi bedminton skills branding the comedian boring and weak.

In 2020, Omondi came out and claimed he was trying to help Shakilla‘s brand grow but the comedian also managed to pay himself with a thorough harvest.

From her confession, Shakilla claims Eric Omondi‘s bedminton game is weak.

Responding to a fan who was praising Eric Omondi’s bedminton game on Edgar Obare page; Shakilla hit back with the facts.

Shakilla and Eric Omondi

This one doesn’t know what they’re saying….Eric’s game is down just blow dry kisses in the neck like 5 weak thrust and that’s it. If you try to ride him, ooh babe I love let’s do it in the morning…morning comes babe I have a meeting, I’ll call you later


According to Shakilla, she knows Omondi so well because so far she has jumped into his Mazongoto more than three times.

We are still investigating why Shakilla has decided to break the Paris code and mercilessly exposed Omondi but we think the opportunist comedian ate and dumped her.

It should be noted that Shakilla featured in Omondi’s ‘Wife Material’ show season one. Eric Omondi at some point was accused of sampling participants.