Swangz Avenue Clears The Air, Reveals Why They Aren’t Ready To Give Vinka A Concert

July 5, 2024

Swangz avenue have cleared the air as they said that they aren’t ready to give their artiste Vinka a concert.

Vinka has been with Swangz avenue for almost ten years. She started working with them as a talent manager and later joined them as an independent artiste.

In the artistes that have been with Swangz Avenue for so long, she is the only that hasn’t had a concert.

Azawi joined and in just a period of two years, she did two concerts which left fans wondering why Vinka can’t have one.

Some fans even went on social media threatening to write to the record label to at least give the singer a concert this year because they are ready to come in and support.

Vinka speaks about having her first ever concert 

According to Swangz Avenue, they don’t just wake up and do concerts. They plan for everything they do before it is done and most of the times it takes much time.

They said that Vinka has a manager and they know that when the right time comes, the concert will be done. They don’t just do concerts, they plan and do what is supposed to be done.

“We have heard people demanding the concert of Vinka but I don’t think it is the way it’s done. We are a company and we plan before we do something. I think that is what people don’t understand but when the time is right Vinka will have a concert,”