Susan Makula Bag Millions From Cafe Javas

March 10, 2022
Susan Makula

Susan Makula

Cafe Javas has rewarded Pr. Aloysius Bugingo’s bae, Susan Makula Shs.5,000,000 after winning popular vote as Woman of excellence.

As the world celebrated International Women’s day, Cafe Javas asked its followers to nominate a Woman of excellence which she won overwhelmingly.

Susan Makula wins Cafe Javas Woman of excellence

Congratulations Susan Makula Bujjingo! 

Susan was nominated by CJ’s fans as a Woman of Excellence. She has won by popular vote and will be awarded UGX5,000,000!

Cafe Javas

Susan is a director at Church Girl Foundation Ltd whose mission is ‘To empower girls from poor and deprived areas in Uganda’. The Foundation gives free training to girls in making reusable sanitary pads because they believe it is a basic need.

They also rehabilitate teen mothers physically and emotionally and help them get skills and basic education to pursue their dreams.

Since news went viral in 2019 that she was behind Pr.Aloysius Bugingo and Teddy Maluswa‘s scrambled marriage, Susan Makula‘s fame has been shooting on daily basis.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Susan Makula at Kukyala ceremony
Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Susan Makula at Kukyala ceremony

Her links to Bebe Cool’s led Gagamel Phamily has also marketed her among his followers.

Susan and Bugingo are battling a court case where they were charged with three counts;

  1. Contracting marriage by Customary Law when already married under the Marriage Act Cap 521 contrary to Section 50 of the Marriage Act, Cap 251.
  2. Marriage with a person previously married contrary to section 42 of the Marriage Act, Cap 251.
  3. Bigamy contrary to section 153 of the penal code act, Cap 120