Spice Diana Reveals Her Wedding Plans

The Coronavirus lockdown has squeezed artistes to the extent of thinking about starting families, among them is Spice Diana.

The marriage fever has started clicking in her mind than ever before.

In an interview with one of the local radio stations, Spice said she will organise the most outstanding celebrity marriage in Uganda.

Spice Diana

It will be more than a festival and the best ever to happen in the country.

Spice who has never publicly revealed her man, confirmed that she is seeing someone.

“I want my wedding to be more fun filled and exciting than any other celebrity ceremony. I want it to be more of a festival, it will be outstanding and my fans will remember it for lifetime,” she said in an interview with  local Radio station.

Shortly after the interview, Spice Diana shared photos while wearing wedding dresses and fans showered her with love.