Spice Diana Accuses Sheebah’s Fans Of Malice

May 22, 2021
Spice Diana

Spice Diana

Spice Diana took to social media on Thursday to ask fellow singer, Sheebah Karungi’s fans who call themselves – Sheebaholics – to stop insulting her.

She wrote: “For sure Sheebaholics mulekere awo okunvuma nokumpemula ku account yange. Sirina kyenali mbakoze. Mukisusizza.”

On Friday, while appearing on YouTube Spice Diana expanded her claim. She noted that she does not blame Sheebah as a person for not reigning on her fans as much as she has on her part on ‘Spice Gadgets.’

Sheebah performing to her fans ‘Sheebaholics’

Spice explained that she has kept quiet for long seeing Sheebah‘s loyalists camping on her social media pages waiting to unleash misery on every post she shares with her fans. She claims it is impacting negatively on her endorsement deals with companies.

“I have kept quiet for long. I respect Sheebah a lot, the reason I can’t beef her. I am working with several brands so after posting, I come back to check comments because companies ask for screenshots to gauge performance. But I find insults coming from a particular team,” she said.

Spice Diana

So how did she know it was the Sheebaholics? She explained that after constant insults, the names become so familiar that they are like celebrities to her. On checking out their profiles, they have added Sheebah’s name or ‘Sheebaholics’ among other things attributed to the ‘Wankona’ singer.  

She added that they now attack her even on WhatsApp and she has no idea how they got her number. 

This is not the first time fans have taken matters into their own hands to insult rival artistes, over the years, Fire Base Crew fans have been insulting Bebe Cool on his social media pages. Gagamel fans too, do insult Bobi Wine via comments on his social media pages.

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