SORRY! Bridget Bema In Tears As Thugs Rob Her Valuable Asset

Bridget Bema

Fame is very good and most people would love to be famous for various reasons.

For one, it comes with money, recognition and a host of other good things that many would die for. Well, while it comes with all that, it also brings about a number of risks in the lives of those who become lucky and have a brush with fame. This, young comedienne Bridget Bema learnt the hard way the same day she went viral.

RoutineBlast has learnt the young online sensation recently lost her official Instagram account to hackers.

The bad news was first made public by Bema’s elder brother Y.Y through his Instagram account.

In a short post, the comedian shared Bema’s photo holding her head and revealed she was very sad following the loss of her account.

Y.Y disclosed they had decided to open a new one for her and urged people to follow her new Instagram which is @bridgetbema_ke. ‘

“She can’t stop crying after losing her Instagram…At The same time, she’s not afraid to start again, we will start, and we have just started….Follow her @bridgetbema_ke,” Y.Y wrote.

In an exclusive chat, Y.Y said they noticed the account was missing and could not log in even after several attempts.

Bridget Bema and her older brother, YY.

According to Y.Y, the hackers went for Bema’s IG the same day she went viral with her hilarious comic video.

”We could not find the account. We tried to log in severally in vain. They took it the same day she went viral, it was on Thursday morning,” Y.Y said.

Y.Y’s sister Bema trended on Twitter for the better part of Thursday, December 10, with her witty video.

Many people were excited by it and before long she had gone international and attracted the attention of people such as Nigerian music mogul Don Jazzy.

RoutineBlast earlier reported how Don bumped into the works of the young Kenyan comedienne and could not help but laud her for the same.

It was because of the many shares and commentaries about the young comedienne that Don was attracted to the trend.

The music maker openly admitted the young Bridget is destined for greatness.

Don even prayed for the girl’s long life as he pleaded with God to include her name in the book of life.

”E don sure say Bridget Bema name go Dey the book of life too,” he wrote.