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Smart Wires Slide In Slay Jajja Lydia Nabatuusa’s DM After Being Dumped By Dr Bitone

posted on : 10/20/2020

Smart Wires have started siding into Sweden-based Ugandan promoter and blogger, Lydia Nabatuusa after bitter split with her tom boy, Denis Kawuki aka Dr. Bitone.

Since releasing ‘Nga Bwewakolanga’ Nabatuusa has been funding Bitone’s music journey in exchange for bonks.

Since they are in long distance relationship, Bitone as a young chap and a Salaama Road celeb, he has been feasting on slay queens which annoyed the chief financier, Nabatuusa.

Nabatuusa and Dr Bitone sharing light moment before split

When she complained, Jose Chameleone wannabe- Bitone told her it was over between them.

A heartbroken Nabatuusa took to Facebook page to lament how she is unlucky in love but accepted to move on.

“Unlucky in love 🤔🤔 but regardless we move”, Nabatuusa posted on Facebook.

We can’t tell who will be funding Bitone’s music but we know he will be on his knees apologizing soon.

After the split, smart wires slid in Nabatuusa’s DM and told her they are ready to take over from Bitone.