Slay Queen Accuses Aganaga Of Forceful ‘Injection’ | VIDEO

Kalifah Aganaga

Kalifah Aganaga

Kalifah Aganaga is under fire after unidentified slay queen went public and accused him of chewing her against her will.

In her narration, the slay queen told Urban TV that she was in a club dancing with her girls and Aganaga was impressed with the way she was wiggling her waist.

He sent his buddy, Sobe to get her number claiming that they were looking for dancers to feature in music video.

Since the slay queen had a dream to become a singer, she called Sobe and went to Aganaga’s studio. She told ‘Ndabirawa’ singer that she wanted to record a song. Aganaga told her he was charging a million which he later reduced to 500k.

Kalifah Aganaga

In the process, Sobe disappeared and she stayed with ‘Oyitangayo’ hitmaker. After the negotiation, the slay queen told Aganaga that she was leaving but he kept telling her to wait as he tactfully closed windows and doors.

After he jumped on her like a hungry lion and pinned her in the seat. Sensing that the small eyed singer was determined to chew her at any cost she allowed.

“He looked for a condom and forcefully inserted his ‘guthing’ into my punani”, Slay queen told Urban TV.

After the forceful ‘injection’, she left but, seems she also enjoyed Aganaga’s monstrous whooper. She disclosed that she went back and this time, Aganaga chewed her from his bed without force.

Watch video below: