Simon Kaggwa Njala Brands Salvado Buffoon, Empty Head Over Sticks Of Pork

April 9, 2022
Patrick Salvado and Simon Kaggwa Njala

Patrick Salvado and Simon Kaggwa Njala

NBS TV senior journalist, Simon Kaggwa Njala went bare knuckles on comedian, Patrick Idringi aka Salvado branding him a buffoon.

The war emanated from the burial of the late Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah.

On Thursday, Kaggwa Njala twitted a photo of Oulanya’s grave and captioned it, “Oulanyah’s final resting place. All the pomp and glamour in his funeral, this is it”.

Simon Kaggwa Njala

This did not go well with Salvado who felt Kaggwa Njala was mocking the late Speaker and claimed the NBS TV ‘Morning Breeze’ host is always hungry for attention.

He cautioned parents to always be careful while naming their children and regretted buying Kaggwa Njala two sticks of pork.

Patrick Salvado

Parents, be careful the names you give your children. Case in point is this old man who is always hungry for attention, I even regret buying for you those 2 sticks of pork at Ssebutinde pork joint in Entebbe…Let the man rest In peace #RIP Oulanyah


Njala is not one to take a jab without returning it. He He attacked the comedian, describing the statement he had made as buffoonery, before branding him empty.