SHOCKING! How Kasuku Survived Gravity Omutujju Punches

Gravity Omutujju and Kasuku

Gravity Omutujju and Kasuku

Shocking intel indicate that Luga-low rapper, Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju wanted to thump Dembe FM ‘Talk and Talk’ presenter, Isaac Katende aka Kasuku for 1m.

In September 2014, Eddy Kenzo thumped Kasuku at Laughterz Lounge – Centenary Park after the latter accused the ‘Sitya Loss’ hitmaker of paying radio presenters and deejays not play Big Eye’s music.

After the thumping, Kasuku ran to police and in the process Kenzo paid collateral damage to the Dembe FM presenter. Kasuku used the money he received from Kenzo to buy his second car.

Kenzo reigning punches on Kasuku

Around the same time, Gravity Omutujju was planning on staging a show, but the publicity around it was not that effective.

It is said that Gravity approached ‘Talk and Talk Show’ co-host, Eddy Sendi and asked him to convince Kasuku to help him promote the show.


Gravity wanted to pose a stunt where he is beating up Kasuku and later pay him shs1 million. Ssendi just told him to take the proposal to Kasuku himself, which he didn’t.

Most Ugandan artistes believe in staging stunts to promote their projects.