Sheilah Gashumba Declares Self Single

Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba has declared herself single after officially being dumped by lover, Marcus Ali Lwanga Ssempija aka God’s Plan.

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan had dated for three years and moved in together in 2019 but their relationship hit snag in August last year.

Prior to that, the couple had on and off fights but always made up.

According to God’s Plan, he dumped Sheilah in August 2020 and tried to rekindle romance with a bonking retreat in Zanzibar in January but things failed.

For the last two years, Sheilah and God’s Plan have been a power couple around town. They painted city red by splashing cash in bars, clubs and hotels.

Sheilah Gashumba with God’s Plan in Zanzibar

On Sunday, God’s Plan and Sheilah posted videos having good time with new lovers, a confirmation that they have moved on.

Sheilah who was filmed kissing and partying with a new guy, took to Twitter and confirmed she is still single and not complaining.

“I don’t remember saying that I am dating anyone. I  have been single as a Pringle,” she tweeted.

Before landing God’s Plan, it’s alleged that Sheilah dated Fik Fameica and Grenade.

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