Sheila Nduhukire Introduces fiancé Derrick Kakonge Today

July 16, 2022
Sheila Nduhukire and Derrick Kakonge

Sheila Nduhukire and Derrick Kakonge

Former NBS TV journalist and now Public Relations of National Medical Stores (NMS), Sheila Nduhukire will today introduce her fiancé Derrick Kakonge to her parents in Kiruhura, Kazo district.

This comes after the 32-year-old Nduhukire introduced her lover Derrick Kakonge, the CEO of Security Plus to her parents in a ceremony known as ‘Okugamba Obugenyi’ in March 2022.

Sheila Nduhukire and fiance, Derrick Kakonge (front row)

Close friends to Nduhukire reveal that since the two met, she has been a picture of bliss and renewed hope often dotting her WhatsApp status with quotes on happy marriage.

In March she  signaled her relationship was on the right track when she wrote:  “I have seen the glory of God,” She followed it with a more telling one “I love you babe I can’t wait to be with you.”

Close friends to the couple reveal that the couple is set to walk down the aisle later this month.

Derrick Kakonge commonly known as “Derro” by peers is a laid-back guy.  He is close friends with Tendo Kaggwa and is a regular at Zone 7 hangout in Mbuya.

Close friends say he is a loaded guy who will not make noise about his wealth.