Sheebah Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump, Looks Good (Video)

July 9, 2024

Singer Sheebah Kalungi is not ready to hide her pregnancy any more. She has showed it off in public.

The singer left her fans excited and happily waiting for the new born baby to arrive any time soon.

Sheebah is in her 30s and she has always talked about having children. She said she is one of the people that like children but her type of job limits her at some times.

She wants to always be fit because her performance involves so much dancing. And when a lady gets pregnant their body shapes changes all the time .

Sheebah’s Growing Baby Bump Leaves Ugandans Excited (Video)

But at last the singer got pregnant and is expecting her first born child. Yesterday while performing it was very clear that she looked exhausted as every pregnant woman is.

Talented Sheebah didn’t put in any efforts to even hide it with the attires she was putting on.

Here is the video;

It is not yet known who the father of the child could be. She has never been in a public relationship and no man has ever came out to claim her as the girlfriend.