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Sheebah On Why She Won’t Release More Music This Year

posted on : 11/19/2020


Team No Sleep singer, Sheebah Karungi said she will not release more music until Covid-19 situation stabilises.

In August the queen karma released 18-track album titled ‘Samali’ with songs such as; Nakyuka, Kyoyoiina Omanya, Ekyama and Empeta and seems to be contented with that for now.

The art industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and mosts artistes and comedians are grassing due to lack of shows.


Sheebah who last week launched Red Terrace bar and Red Events while celebrating her 31st birthday, says she will wait for bar business to get back to normal.

 “I just want to have fun with my music. Plus, I’ll have to wait for the bar business to get back to normal because right now, we are hanging in space with no idea what we are to do next. We can’t just release more songs,” she said.

In June this year, Sheebah launched a company ‘Sheebah Establishment LTD’ and since she has embarked on businesses to supplement her music.

She runs Holic pads – women sanitary pads, Red Terrace is a bar and Red Events deals in decor for parties.




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