Sheebah Hits Back At Hon. Sarah Opendi For Pushing Musicians’ Ban in Schools

July 20, 2022


Singer, Sheebah Karungi has hit back at Tororo Woman MP, Sarah Achieng Opendi who asked the Education Ministry to ban secular musicians from performing in schools across Uganda.

Opendi said that as a mother, she felt concerned about the way musicians dress and behave when performing in schools.

Hon. Sarah Opendi
Hon. Sarah Opendi

In an interview with Spark TV, Sheebah argued that a child spends more time with their parents and mostly pick morals from them. A student cannot be influenced by a musicians who comes to perform in a school.

I tell parents am not going to raise your children. They are your responsibility so stop blaming me for their immorality

Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah, Kapa Cat, Winnie Nwagi have been criticised over their dress codes and conduct.

At one point, Winnie Nwagi was forced to apologised after she was filmed rub-a-dubbing students of Kisubi during a performance.

Most female artists don skimpy and revealing outfits to market themselves amongst male fans and create talkability.

Their dress code spark debate and controversy which most artists look for to stay relevant in the showbiz business.