She Cut Herself, Left My Car In Pieces: Vinka’s Manager, Joel Trashes Girlfriend’s Battering Claims | VIDEO

October 7, 2022
Joel Wadero

Joel Wadero

Yesterday, a lady went public accusing Swangz Avenue employee and Vinka’s manager, Joel Wadero of turning her into a punching bag.

She told Sanyuka TV that she started dating Joel when she was still abroad. After jetting in Uganda, she rented an apartment and asked him to move in with her.

As time went on, Joel started becoming violent and turned her into a punching bag.

Joel’s ex-girlfriend accusing him of beatings

Yesterday, she showed off cuts on her arms and legs, claiming that Joel strangled her and beat her up. She said her body is full of scars.

In an interview, Joel trashed her claims and revealed that she injured herself trying to break into his house.

He also showed a video of her smashing his car with a big stone seething in anger.

Joel admitted that he knows her, they were dating but dumped her.

To the lady, she says Joel ate her money and wants a refund so that she gets medical attention.

As we speak, Joel opened a case against her at the police station and revealed that his land loard had banned her from coming to his property.