Serena Bata Reveals What Ruined Her Music Career

October 25, 2021
Serena Bata

Serena Bata

Singer, Serena Bata is trying to revive her music career under the management and supervision of events promoter, Abby Musinguzi aka Abtex.

Serena was previously managed by socialite, Charles Olim aka Sipapa until May last year when the NRM diehard kicked her out and replaced her with a curvy babe known as Shakila.

On top of managing her music career, Sipapa was also in charge of her Southern hemisphere an irrigation he did well for 8 years.

After separating with Sipapa, Serena was struggling to make the ends meet and at one point she sent him an audio crying and pleading to take her back.

Serena Bata with Sipapa

In a new interview, Serena noted that if she had not dated Sipapa, she would have been on top of her game.  She would be a better musician today.

I wasted a lot of time with Sipapa. It pains me that I ruined my career in the process of loving him. If I had started with my current management, I think my career would be on a different path. I regret everything

Serena Bata

Since parting ways with Sipapa, Serena has recorded several music collaborations; ‘Ewange’ with Geosteady, Gwantama featuring Nina Roz, Bikalubye with Chris Evans among others.

Geosteady with Serena Bata

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