Security Guru, Dixon Bond Okello Laughs Off Doreen Kabareebe’s Virginity Claims, Spills Evidence

October 16, 2020

On Tuesday, N#de queen model, Doreen Kabareebe shocked Ugandans after claiming she is still a virgin.

Her claims, left many whispering and those who knows her secrets took to social media to tag those who could have enjoyed the swim in her ‘thighland’.

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Among the suspects is security guru, Dixon Bond Okello who was inseparable with Kabareebe during Club Rougue days.

It’s rumored that Okello feasted on her.

When Kabareebe made utterances on national television, Okello who knows much about her sex life, came out to dispute her claims through his social media platform.

Okello confirmed he knows chaps that have bonked her into cabbage.

Check pictures of Kabareebe and Okello below: