Scared, Humbled Fred Lumbuye ‘Teacher’ Relocates

Fred Lumbuye

Fred Lumbuye

Turkish-based Ugandan blogger and government critic Fred Lumbuye Kajubi aka Chemical Ali aka Teacher has moved to a new location.

On Monday, Lumbuye was released from Kocaeli Foreigners Detention Centre in Turkey where he had been held on charges of having an expired visa and overstaying in the country.

Fred Lumbuye

His Ugandan lawyer and Kyadondo East MP, Muwada Nkunyingi, said Lumbuye relocated after he was freed from jail, but he did not divulge details of his new home.

He has been renting a house in Turkey and when he was released from prison, he relocated to a new place for his own safety as well

Nkunyingi Muwada

The MP noted that even after his release, Lumbuye still answers charges levelled against him by Turkish Immigration officials.

Nkunyinji Muwada at Kocaeli Foreigners Detention Centre in Turkey

His legal team in Turkey remains committed as it has been to logically conclude all such legal details, but we are likely to win these unconcluded cases and once we win them, he will be free in Turkey

Muwada added.

Turkish ambassador to Uganda Kerem Alp said yesterday that Lumbuye was being monitored by immigration authorities at a place of his choice.

The National unity Platform (NUP) blogger was arrested on August 8, 2021 over illegal stay in Turkey. The government of Uganda showed interest in extraditing him and answer charges related to terrorism, Computer misuse, offensive communication and criminal libel among many others but failed.

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